Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Kaun Banega Crorepati is like a festival in India and Amitabh Bachchan is treated as God by billions. We all knows that Kaun Banega Crorepati is hindi version of who wants to be a millionaire, which was very famous in UK.
KBC 9 Registration
KBC 9 
Siddharth Basu has bought exclusive rights of this show and initially KBC was aired on Star Plus and later broadcasting rights were bought by Sony India. Since its inception KBC is a money minting machine for its owners.

Kaun Banega Crorepati has already finished 8 seasons and very soon a new season of kbc 9 is going to start soon. I think following are some of the main reasons behind KBC popularity 

Big Prize Money 
       This is the biggest reason behind success and popularity of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Everyone wants to be rich and famous and KBC is the perfect platform which provides both these things to its participants. In every episode people win a good prize amounts which helps to make their dream true.  

Host Amitabh Bachchan 
         Amitabh Bachchan is no doubt the king of Bollywood and he has been ruling film industry since decades. For many including me, it is a dream to play this game with Amitabh Bachchan. The way he host the game is amazing , the way he soft to contestants, his jokes, and the way he gave respect to contestents all these things make the show to a different level. 

I am famous - I am on TV
Once you go to the hot seat you become famous and you would always remember this special moment.Its a dream of billions to come on TV and KBC is the shortcut to fame. Once you clear few rounds then you would get a chance to come on TV with the king of Bollywood.

Royal Treatment from KBC team
Once you are done with KBC Registrations and auditions you are called for final 10 to hot seat. You would be called to Mumbai and would be given royal treatment by SONY TV and KBC team. We all know this and this is one of the biggest reasons when everyone wants to get into KBC hot seat. Once you get to hot seat you become centre of attraction and you are watched by billions of people all across the globe. Amitabh Bachchan takes you to hot seat and you get a lot of respect from this great actor. Without any doubt we all want to be center of attraction for good reason in life.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

KBC 7 Episode 1 Questions and Answers

KBC 7 – Episode 1 – September 6

Que: Which of these sounds would you associate with the heart ?
  A. Tring Tring 
  B. Tap Tap 
  C. Click Click 
  D. Dhak Dhak
Ans : D. Dhak Dhak

Que: Who is the ‘ Bharat Ka Veer Putra ‘, according to the title of a 2013 TV Series ?
  A. Tipu Sultan 
  B. Chandragupta Maurya 
  C. Maharana Pratap 
  D. Ashoka
Ans : C. Maharana Pratap

Que. In 2013, where did the natural calamity known as Himalayan tsunami occur?
  A. Uttrakhand 
  B. Arunachal Pradesh 
  C. Jammu and Kashmir 
  D. Sikkim
Ans : A. Uttrakhand

Que: Which film is this song from ?
  A. Mere Dad Ki Maruti 
  B. Chennai Express 
  C. Ghanchakkar 
  D. Race 2.
Ans : B. Chennai Express
Que: In the Ramayana, Which demon impersonated Rama’s voice, screaming, “Lakshman! Help me” ?
  A. Surpanakha 
  B. Khara 
  C. Maricha 
  D. Dushana
Ans : C. Maricha

Que: Who is the only leader to be elected Prime Minister of Pakistan three times ?
  A. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani 
  B. Benazir Bhutto 
  C. Liaqat Ali Khan 
  D. Nawaz Sharif
Ans : D. Nawaz Sharif

Que: The black widow, which eats the male counterpart after mating, as a female species of which animal ?
  A. Sloth 
  B. Ant 
  C. Spider 
  D. Termite
Ans : C. Spider

Que: Douglas Engelbert, who passed away in 2013, is credited as the inventor of which of these products ?
  A. Mobile Phone 
  B. Computer Mouse 
  C. Bluetooth Mouse 
  D. Digital camera
Ans : B. Computer Mouse

Que: In 1850, the first experimental electric telegraph line in India was set up between Calcutta and which place ?
  A. Diamond Harbour 
  B. Darjeeling 
  C. Murshidabad 
  D. Dhaka
Ans : A. Diamond Harbour.

Que: Which of these persons has not walked on the Moon ?
  A. Charles Duke 
  B. James A Lovell 
  C. Alan Bean 
  D. Pete Conrad
Ans : B. James A Lovell

Que: Who was the chairman of the Indian Calendar Reform Committee that initiated the adoption of Saka calendar as the Indian national Calendar ?
  A. Meghnad Saha 
  B. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar 
  C. Prabodh Chandra Sengupta 
  D. Vainu Bappu
Ans : A. Meghnad Saha

Que: ‘The Phrase ‘100 crore Club’, often mentioned in Indian media nowadays, refers to which one of the following ?
  A. Viewership of an IPL match 
  B. Election expenditure 
  C. Population of countries
  D. Films’ box office collections
Ans : D. Films’ box office collections

Que: The ‘sasural’ of which of these international sportsperson from India is in Pakistan ?
A. Saina Nehwal 
B. Saina Mirza 
C. Anisa Sayyed 
D. Anjum Chopra
Ans : B. Saina Mirza

Que: Which team retained the ashes Trophy in 2013 ?
  A. Australia 
  B. South Africa 
  C. West Indies 
  D. England
Ans : D. England

Que: With Which of these cards would you associate the phrase ‘Aam Aadmi ka Adhikaar’?
  A. PAN Card 
  B. Voter ID Card 
  C. AADHAR Card 
  D. Ration Card
Ans : C. AADHAR Card

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 15 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 - Episode 15 – September 10 

Que: On an average which is the largest tree borne fruit in the world?
  a. Coconut 
  b. jackfruit 
  c. pumpkin 
  d. papaya
Ans. jackfruit

Que: Which sportsperson started the first Indian fight club, in order to teach women the art of self defense?
  a. Karnam Maleshwari 
  b. P T Usha 
  c. M C Mary Kom 
  d. Krishna Poonia
Ans. M C Mary Kom

Que: Which novel by RK Narayan is the story of Railway Raju and Rosie, a neglected housewife?
  a. Waiting for the Mahatma 
  b. Talkative Man 
  c. The man eater of Malgudi 
  d. The Guide
Ans. The Guide

Que: Which of these countries has been ruled by the Wangchucks since 1907?
  a. Bhutan 
  b. Thailand 
  c. Cambodia 
  d. Bhunei
Ans. Bhutan

(Fastest Finger First Question) 
Que: Starting with the least, arrange these parties in the increasing order of their number of seats in the Lok Sabha?
  a. Indian National Congress b. BJP c. Trinomul Congress d. Aam admi Party

Que: Which of these Hindi phrases mean samay ka palatna or bhaghya ka khulna?
  a. raat din ek karna 
  b. Din pure hona 
  c. Do din ek maheman 
  d. acche din ana
Ans. acche din ana

Que: Which of these does a pacemaker regulate in the human body?
  a. vision 
  b. hearing power 
  c. body temperature 
  d. heartbeat
Ans. heartbeat

Que: If the first day of the month is a Sunday what will the seventh day of the same month be?
  a. Monday 
  b. Friday 
  c. Saturday 
  d. Sunday
Ans. Saturday

Que: In the title of a story by Munshi Premchand who was called Parmeshwar?
  a. pita 
  b. panch 
  c. pati 
  d. pahelwan
Ans. panch

Que: Which is the largest snake in the world according to terms of weight?
  a. Boa Constrictor 
  b. Green Anaconda 
  c. Black Mamba 
  d. King Cobra
Ans. Green Anaconda

KBC 8 Episode 14 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 - Episode 14- September 9

Que: In which of these states would you find the towns Badaun and Bahraich ?
  a. Odissa 
  b. Uttar Pradesh 
  c. Andhra Pradesh 
  d. Chattisgarh
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Que: Mughal emperor Babur was a descendant of which ruler from his mother’s side ?
  a. Timur 
  b. Muhammad Ghori 
  c. Muhammad of Ghazni 
  d. Genghis Khan
Ans. Genghis Khan

Que: Three of the sons of which Pandava are Shutakriti, Iravan and Bhabruvahana ?
  a. Arjuna 
  b. Sahadeva 
  c. Yudhistira 
  d. Nakul
Ans. Arjuna

Que: Angami,aro, kuki, kanyak are the principle languages of which state ?
  a. Mizoram 
  b. Meghalaya 
  c. Andhra Pradesh 
  d. Nagaland
Ans. Nagaland

Que: Which cattle medicine has been found responsible for the decline in the vulture population ?
  a. Quinolone 
  b. Penicillin 
  c. Diclofenac 
  d. Paracetamol
Ans. Diclofenac

Que: Which party contested the most number of seats in the 2014 elections ?
  a. Congress party 
  b. BSP 
  c. BJP 
  d. Aam admi party
Ans. BSP

(Fastest Finger First Question) 
Starting with the least, arrange these Hindi numbers in increasing order ?
  a. Atthavan b. Taitalleesh c. Atthasee d. Unnasee

Que: Which of these birds found in India is known for its call or sweet voice ?
  a. Peacock 
  b. Cuckoo 
  c. House sparrow 
  d. Eagle
Ans. Cuckoo

Que: What are the people willing to sacrifice their lives known as ?
  a. Ehsaan faramosh 
  b. Madhosh 
  c. Khanabadosh 
  d. Sarfarosh
Ans. Sarfarosh

Que: Which of these is the title of a 2014 film starring Randeep Hooda ?
  a. Do raaste 
  b. Sadak 
  c. Highway 
  d. Chauraha
Ans. Highway