Monday, May 5, 2014

Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 Registration Question Of 5 may 2014

KBC 8 Registration Question of 5 may 2014 is

Question No. 1

Question :  How many seats does a party needs to attain a single majority in lok shabha ?
   Option : (A)   250                      (B)   300
                   (C)   272                      (D) 200

Note:- Line Will be closed for this question at 8:59:59 PM of 6 may 2014

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  1. Kindly provide the correct format. I am sending the sms as per format given on your web site as well as on TV but every time it says invalid or incorrect format and they are making the deductions Shashi sharma lucknow

  2. please provide the correct format as everytime i am sending the SMS as per the format provided for KBC answer as shown on TV or website reply is invalid or incorrect format and I have to pay for it and I am not able to participate in KBC

  3. Hope Hope and Hope. Thankyou KBC team for starting again

  4. I want to participate in KBC season 9, but can't understand the process how to register.