Thursday, March 31, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 8 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 – Episode 8 – August 28

Que:Which of these events or terrestrial bodies normally cannot be seen more than twice in one’s lifetime?
 a. meteor shower 

 b. waxing moon 
 c. Haley’s comet 
 d. sighting of Ursa Major

Que: So far, which of these states or union territories has been ruled by least number of chief ministers?
 a. Chattisgarh 

 b. Uttarakhand 
 c. Jharkhand 
 d. Puduchery
Ans. Chattisgarh

Que: Pullipuram fort, considered to be one of the oldest surviving European monuments in India, built by which colonial power?
 a. Dutch 

 b. French 
 c. Portuguese 
 d. British
Ans. Portuguese

Que: Sir Edmund Hillary served as which county’s high commissioner to India, Bangladesh and Nepal?
 a. United Kingdom 

 b. Australia 
 c. Canada 
 d. New Zealand
Ans. New Zealand

Que: According to the 2011 census which of these states enjoys a literacy rate of over 90%?
 a. Punjab 

 b. Mizoram 
 c. Tripura 
 d. Gujarat
Ans. Mizoram

(Fastest Finger First )
Que: Starting with the earliest, arrange these women oriented movies in order of their release
 a. Queen b. The Dirty Picture c. Fashion d. Mother India

Que: Which of these is generally eaten with spiced water?
 a. Bhel puri 

 b. Raj Kachori 
 c. Gol Guppa 
 d. Sev puri
Ans. Gol Guppa

Que: What was the real identity of Krissh, the lead character of a series of Hindi super hero films?
 a. Krishna 

 b. Kartik 
 c. Kripa 
 d. Kesav
Ans. Krishna

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