Monday, April 25, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 13 Questions and Answers

KBC8 - Episode 13 – September 8

Que: Which of these advocates has held the post of solicitor general in India?
  a. Mahesh Jethmalani 
  b. Abhishek Singhvi 
  c. Prashant Bhushan 
  d. Gopal Subramanium
Ans. Gopal Subramanium

Que: Which of these places got its name from a local word for mangrove trees?
  a. Madhubani 
  b. Vrindaban 
  c. Sundarbans 
  d. Missouri
Ans. Sundarbans

Que: Which of these is a swimming event for the Olympic games?
  a. Single sculls men 
  b. 10m platform men 
  c. 10km marathon men 
  d. Omnium women
Ans. 10km marathon men

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: Arrange these holy places from west to east
  a. Bodh Gaya b. Vatican city c. Haridwar d. Mecca

Que: If you achieve the highest title in chess what would you be called?
  a. Little master 
  b. Master blaster 
  c. Grand master 
  d. Zen master
Ans. Grand master

Que: The iconic film Sholay was converted into which format and re released in 2013?
  a. Imax 7D 
  b. 3D 
  c. 7D 
  d. Cinerama
Ans. 3D

Que: Which of these words mean student or disciple in Arabic?
  a. Mureed 
  b. Marhaba 
  c. Murshid 
  d. Martaba
Ans. Mureed

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: From the earliest to the latest, arrange these Salman Khan movies according to the year of release?
  a. Karan Arjun 
  b. Maine Pyar Kiya 
  c. Dabangg 
  d. Kick

Que: According to a Hindi proverb, a crow pretends to be something by imitating what?
  a. Khargosh 
  b. Ullu 
  c. Hans 
  d. Kacchua
Ans. Hans

Que: Which of these rituals is related to marriage and pregnancy ?
  a. Chool chatai 
  b. Munh jathai 
  c. Naak katai 
  d. God bharai
Ans. God bharai

Que: Which of these is famous for audacious attacks on poisonous snakes?
  a. Crow 
  b. Mongoose 
  c. Monkey 
  d. Turtle
Ans. Mongoose

Que: Which of these words features in the name of an IPL team?
  a. Punjab 
  b. Sindh 
  c. Gujarat 
  d. Maratha
Ans. Punjab

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