Wednesday, April 27, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 14 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 - Episode 14- September 9

Que: In which of these states would you find the towns Badaun and Bahraich ?
  a. Odissa 
  b. Uttar Pradesh 
  c. Andhra Pradesh 
  d. Chattisgarh
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Que: Mughal emperor Babur was a descendant of which ruler from his mother’s side ?
  a. Timur 
  b. Muhammad Ghori 
  c. Muhammad of Ghazni 
  d. Genghis Khan
Ans. Genghis Khan

Que: Three of the sons of which Pandava are Shutakriti, Iravan and Bhabruvahana ?
  a. Arjuna 
  b. Sahadeva 
  c. Yudhistira 
  d. Nakul
Ans. Arjuna

Que: Angami,aro, kuki, kanyak are the principle languages of which state ?
  a. Mizoram 
  b. Meghalaya 
  c. Andhra Pradesh 
  d. Nagaland
Ans. Nagaland

Que: Which cattle medicine has been found responsible for the decline in the vulture population ?
  a. Quinolone 
  b. Penicillin 
  c. Diclofenac 
  d. Paracetamol
Ans. Diclofenac

Que: Which party contested the most number of seats in the 2014 elections ?
  a. Congress party 
  b. BSP 
  c. BJP 
  d. Aam admi party
Ans. BSP

(Fastest Finger First Question) 
Starting with the least, arrange these Hindi numbers in increasing order ?
  a. Atthavan b. Taitalleesh c. Atthasee d. Unnasee

Que: Which of these birds found in India is known for its call or sweet voice ?
  a. Peacock 
  b. Cuckoo 
  c. House sparrow 
  d. Eagle
Ans. Cuckoo

Que: What are the people willing to sacrifice their lives known as ?
  a. Ehsaan faramosh 
  b. Madhosh 
  c. Khanabadosh 
  d. Sarfarosh
Ans. Sarfarosh

Que: Which of these is the title of a 2014 film starring Randeep Hooda ?
  a. Do raaste 
  b. Sadak 
  c. Highway 
  d. Chauraha
Ans. Highway