Friday, April 8, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 9 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 – Episode 9 – September 1

Que: What are bye and leg bye?
 a. Forms of greeting 

 b. cricketing terms 
 c. types of bhangra 
 d. dance moves
Ans. cricketing terms

Que: Identify the voice from this audio clip
 a. Gul Panag 

 b. Rakhi Sawant 
 c. Moon moon sen 
 d. Kiran Kher
Ans. Kiran Kher

Que: On 17th July 2014, Malaysia airlines flight MH 17 was shot down in which county?
 a. Russia 

 b. Mali 
 c. Ukraine 
 d. Romania
Ans. Ukraine

Que: Which of these asuras had a boon that only a son of Shiva could kill him?
 a. Tarakasura 

 b. Sunda 
 c. Bhasmasura 
 d. Mahabali
Ans. Tarakasura

Que: The first bullet train proposed in 2014-15 railway budget, will connect which two cities?
 a. Delhi-Agra 

 b. Bengaluru-Chennai 
 c. Mumbai -Ahmedabad 
 d. Mumbai-Pune
Ans. Mumbai -Ahmedabad

Que: Ruksar Khatoon is the final documented case of which disease in India?
 a. polio  

 b. small pox 
 c. hepatitis A 
 d. measles
Ans. polio

Que: Which of these fabrics is named after a city in Iraq?
 a. mohair 

 b. tussar 
 c. muslin 
 d. angora
Ans. muslin

( Fastest Finger First Question )
Starting with the earliest arrange these leaders in order in which they became prime minister.
 a. Rajiv Gandhi 

 b. Narendra Modi 
 c. Manmohan Singh 
 d. Lal Bahadur Shastri

Que: Complete this Hindi saying, “Duwidha me dono gaye,___ mili na Rama”, which means that a confused person loses everything
 a. Hema 

 b. maya 
 c. jaya 
 d. sushma
Ans. maya

Que: On a football field which of these is nearest to the goal post?
 a. Corner arc 

 b. Penalty mark 
 c. Halfway line 
 d. Central circle
Ans. Penalty mark

Que: What number is halfway between 11 and 19?
 a. 13 

 b. 14 
 c. 15 
 d. 16
Ans. 15

Que: Which of these snake names is derived from a Portuguese word meaning snake with a hood?
 a. Python 

 b. Russell’s viper 
 c. krait 
 d. cobra
Ans. cobra


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