Wednesday, April 27, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 15 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 - Episode 15 – September 10 

Que: On an average which is the largest tree borne fruit in the world?
  a. Coconut 
  b. jackfruit 
  c. pumpkin 
  d. papaya
Ans. jackfruit

Que: Which sportsperson started the first Indian fight club, in order to teach women the art of self defense?
  a. Karnam Maleshwari 
  b. P T Usha 
  c. M C Mary Kom 
  d. Krishna Poonia
Ans. M C Mary Kom

Que: Which novel by RK Narayan is the story of Railway Raju and Rosie, a neglected housewife?
  a. Waiting for the Mahatma 
  b. Talkative Man 
  c. The man eater of Malgudi 
  d. The Guide
Ans. The Guide

Que: Which of these countries has been ruled by the Wangchucks since 1907?
  a. Bhutan 
  b. Thailand 
  c. Cambodia 
  d. Bhunei
Ans. Bhutan

(Fastest Finger First Question) 
Que: Starting with the least, arrange these parties in the increasing order of their number of seats in the Lok Sabha?
  a. Indian National Congress b. BJP c. Trinomul Congress d. Aam admi Party

Que: Which of these Hindi phrases mean samay ka palatna or bhaghya ka khulna?
  a. raat din ek karna 
  b. Din pure hona 
  c. Do din ek maheman 
  d. acche din ana
Ans. acche din ana

Que: Which of these does a pacemaker regulate in the human body?
  a. vision 
  b. hearing power 
  c. body temperature 
  d. heartbeat
Ans. heartbeat

Que: If the first day of the month is a Sunday what will the seventh day of the same month be?
  a. Monday 
  b. Friday 
  c. Saturday 
  d. Sunday
Ans. Saturday

Que: In the title of a story by Munshi Premchand who was called Parmeshwar?
  a. pita 
  b. panch 
  c. pati 
  d. pahelwan
Ans. panch

Que: Which is the largest snake in the world according to terms of weight?
  a. Boa Constrictor 
  b. Green Anaconda 
  c. Black Mamba 
  d. King Cobra
Ans. Green Anaconda

KBC 8 Episode 14 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 - Episode 14- September 9

Que: In which of these states would you find the towns Badaun and Bahraich ?
  a. Odissa 
  b. Uttar Pradesh 
  c. Andhra Pradesh 
  d. Chattisgarh
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Que: Mughal emperor Babur was a descendant of which ruler from his mother’s side ?
  a. Timur 
  b. Muhammad Ghori 
  c. Muhammad of Ghazni 
  d. Genghis Khan
Ans. Genghis Khan

Que: Three of the sons of which Pandava are Shutakriti, Iravan and Bhabruvahana ?
  a. Arjuna 
  b. Sahadeva 
  c. Yudhistira 
  d. Nakul
Ans. Arjuna

Que: Angami,aro, kuki, kanyak are the principle languages of which state ?
  a. Mizoram 
  b. Meghalaya 
  c. Andhra Pradesh 
  d. Nagaland
Ans. Nagaland

Que: Which cattle medicine has been found responsible for the decline in the vulture population ?
  a. Quinolone 
  b. Penicillin 
  c. Diclofenac 
  d. Paracetamol
Ans. Diclofenac

Que: Which party contested the most number of seats in the 2014 elections ?
  a. Congress party 
  b. BSP 
  c. BJP 
  d. Aam admi party
Ans. BSP

(Fastest Finger First Question) 
Starting with the least, arrange these Hindi numbers in increasing order ?
  a. Atthavan b. Taitalleesh c. Atthasee d. Unnasee

Que: Which of these birds found in India is known for its call or sweet voice ?
  a. Peacock 
  b. Cuckoo 
  c. House sparrow 
  d. Eagle
Ans. Cuckoo

Que: What are the people willing to sacrifice their lives known as ?
  a. Ehsaan faramosh 
  b. Madhosh 
  c. Khanabadosh 
  d. Sarfarosh
Ans. Sarfarosh

Que: Which of these is the title of a 2014 film starring Randeep Hooda ?
  a. Do raaste 
  b. Sadak 
  c. Highway 
  d. Chauraha
Ans. Highway

Monday, April 25, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 13 Questions and Answers

KBC8 - Episode 13 – September 8

Que: Which of these advocates has held the post of solicitor general in India?
  a. Mahesh Jethmalani 
  b. Abhishek Singhvi 
  c. Prashant Bhushan 
  d. Gopal Subramanium
Ans. Gopal Subramanium

Que: Which of these places got its name from a local word for mangrove trees?
  a. Madhubani 
  b. Vrindaban 
  c. Sundarbans 
  d. Missouri
Ans. Sundarbans

Que: Which of these is a swimming event for the Olympic games?
  a. Single sculls men 
  b. 10m platform men 
  c. 10km marathon men 
  d. Omnium women
Ans. 10km marathon men

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: Arrange these holy places from west to east
  a. Bodh Gaya b. Vatican city c. Haridwar d. Mecca

Que: If you achieve the highest title in chess what would you be called?
  a. Little master 
  b. Master blaster 
  c. Grand master 
  d. Zen master
Ans. Grand master

Que: The iconic film Sholay was converted into which format and re released in 2013?
  a. Imax 7D 
  b. 3D 
  c. 7D 
  d. Cinerama
Ans. 3D

Que: Which of these words mean student or disciple in Arabic?
  a. Mureed 
  b. Marhaba 
  c. Murshid 
  d. Martaba
Ans. Mureed

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: From the earliest to the latest, arrange these Salman Khan movies according to the year of release?
  a. Karan Arjun 
  b. Maine Pyar Kiya 
  c. Dabangg 
  d. Kick

Que: According to a Hindi proverb, a crow pretends to be something by imitating what?
  a. Khargosh 
  b. Ullu 
  c. Hans 
  d. Kacchua
Ans. Hans

Que: Which of these rituals is related to marriage and pregnancy ?
  a. Chool chatai 
  b. Munh jathai 
  c. Naak katai 
  d. God bharai
Ans. God bharai

Que: Which of these is famous for audacious attacks on poisonous snakes?
  a. Crow 
  b. Mongoose 
  c. Monkey 
  d. Turtle
Ans. Mongoose

Que: Which of these words features in the name of an IPL team?
  a. Punjab 
  b. Sindh 
  c. Gujarat 
  d. Maratha
Ans. Punjab

Sunday, April 24, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 12 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 – Episode 12 – September 4

Que: What comes before gang to make a Madhuri-Juhi film?
  a. Gunda 
  b. Gulab 
  c. Guldaudi 
  d. Gulbahar
Ans. Gulab

Que: In boxing, what are jab, cross and hook types of?
  a. Points 
  b. Playing sessions 
  c. Headgears 
  d. Punches
Ans. Punches

Que: What is the famous chickankari in Lucknow a type of?
  a. Chicken kebab 
  b. Calligraphy 
  c. Embroidery 
  d. Bamboo chick blinds
Ans. Embroidery

Que: In mythology, who among these gets their name by virtue of being the daughter of s mountain?
  a. Parvati 
  b. Sita 
  c. Aditi 
  d. Draupadi
Ans. Parvati

Que: Maria Sharaprova recently became the butt of twitter jokes after she said that she does not know which sports icon?
  a. Donald Bradman 
  b. Sachin Tendulkar 
  c. Viswanathan Anand 
  d. David Beckham
Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

Que: Who is the youngest minister appointed to Narendra Modi’s cabinet in May 2014?
  a. Shaina NC 
  b. Nirmala Sitharaman 
  c. Uma Bharti 
  d. Smriti Irani
Ans. Smriti Irani

Que: Which product name did the Company Research in motion rename itself in 2013?
  a. Bose 
  b. Burberry 
  c. Budweiser 
  d. Blackberry
Ans. Blackberry

Que: By what name do we know the guidelines issued by the supreme court of India to deal with sexual harassment?
  a. Shalini guidelines 
  b. SITA guidelines 
  c. WE guidelines 
  d. Vishakha guidelines
Ans. Vishakha guidelines

Saturday, April 23, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 11 Questions and Answers

 KBC 8 – Episode 11 – September 3

Que: Who was the cabinet minister for information and broadcasting during the first BJP led government at the centre?
  a. Sushma Swaraj 
  b. Arun Jaitley 
  c. Ravi Shankar Prasad 
  d. Pramod Mahajan
Ans. Sushma Swaraj

Que: Which toxic gas was first to be used in chemical warfare in World War 1?
  a. Hydrogen sulphide 
  b. carbon monoxide 
  c. nitrogen dioxide 
  d. chlorine
Ans. chlorine

(Fastest Finger First Question)
Que: Starting with the topmost,arrange these human organs mentioned I’m these conditions from head to toe.
  a. pet me jalan 
  b. dil ka daura 
  c. pair ki moch 
  d. sir ka dard

Que: According to a Hindi proverb, a person falling from where gets stuck in a kajur tree?
  a. swarg 
  b. aasmaan 
  c. chand 
  d. narak
Ans. aasmaan

Que: In which of these games does a player have to target animated pigs ?
  a. temple run 
  b. candy crush saga 
  c. angry birds 
  d. super mario bros
Ans. angry birds

Que: Which of these can be brought in sarafa bazaar?
  a. Pair of bullocks 
  b. gold coins 
  c. Jersey cow 
  d. mugha silk
Ans. gold coins

Que: In the production of mulberry silk the leaves of which tree is the staple diet of the silkworms?
  a. Shahtut 
  b. babool 
  c. kadamb 
  d. eucalyptus
Ans. Shahtut

Que: Who tweeted in may 2014, “Thank u v much PM @narendramodi for the beautiful shawl for my grandmother?
  a. Sujata Koirala 
  b. Bilawal Bhutto 
  c. Maryam Shariff 
  d. Hina Rabbani Khar
Ans. Maryam Shariff

Que: According to Devi Bhagwat, which of these apsaras emerged from the thigh of the hermit Narayana?
  a. Menaka 
  b. Urvashi 
  c. Rambha 
  d. Tilottama
Ans. Urvashi

Thursday, April 21, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 10 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 – Episode 10 – September 2 

Que: The Gaza strip is bordered by which two countries?
 a. Israel and Egypt 
 b. Israel and Jordan 
 c. Israel and Syria 
 d. Israel and Saudi Arabia

(Fastest Finger First Question)
Que: Starting from west to easy arrange these famous food items in the order you will reach the cities they ate associated with.
 a. Agra ka petha 
 b. Jaipur ka gewar 
 c. Lucknow ke kebab 
 d. Kolkata ke phucchke

Que: An illiterate person can also be called what?
 a. Ungli mar 
 b. Lath tod 
 c. angutha chap 
 d. laal ka bhut
Ans. angutha chap

Que: The sign for which mathematical function is the logo of the Red Cross society?
 a. addition 
 b. subtraction
 c. multiplication 
 d. division
Ans. addition

Que: Other than cricket which game also has a striker?
 a. chess 
 b. ludo 
 c. kho kho 
 d. carrom
Ans. carrom

Que: Which of these is not a port city on the Arabian sea?
 a. Mangalore 
 b. Panaji 
 c. Visakhapatnam 
 d. Mumbai
Ans. Visakhapatnam

Que: Which of these is an essential component of most acids?
 a. nitrogen 
 b. hydrogen 
 c. oxygen 
 d. helium
Ans. hydrogen

Que: Which city in rajasthan lends its name to the artificial limbs made by bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti?
 a. Ajmer 
 b. Jaipur 
 c. Udaipur
 d. Bikaner
Ans. Jaipur

Que: M K Narayaan,B L Joshi, B V Wanchoo were all serving in what capacities when they resigned in 2014?
 a. cabinet ministers 
 b. Chief ministers 
 c. governors 
 d. supreme court judges
Ans. governors

Que: On which mythical character’s wish did yamraj return the sight of her blind father in law Dyumatsen and also his kingdom ?
 a. savitri 
 b. Shakuntala 
 c. Ahilya 
 d. Gandhari
Ans. savitri

Que: With whom did legendary actress and dance Zohra Sehgal start her dance career?
 a. Lacchu Maharaj 
 b. Shambhu Maharaj 
 c. Uday Shankar 
 d. Kelucharan Mahapatra
Ans. Uday Shankar

Friday, April 8, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 9 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 – Episode 9 – September 1

Que: What are bye and leg bye?
 a. Forms of greeting 

 b. cricketing terms 
 c. types of bhangra 
 d. dance moves
Ans. cricketing terms

Que: Identify the voice from this audio clip
 a. Gul Panag 

 b. Rakhi Sawant 
 c. Moon moon sen 
 d. Kiran Kher
Ans. Kiran Kher

Que: On 17th July 2014, Malaysia airlines flight MH 17 was shot down in which county?
 a. Russia 

 b. Mali 
 c. Ukraine 
 d. Romania
Ans. Ukraine

Que: Which of these asuras had a boon that only a son of Shiva could kill him?
 a. Tarakasura 

 b. Sunda 
 c. Bhasmasura 
 d. Mahabali
Ans. Tarakasura

Que: The first bullet train proposed in 2014-15 railway budget, will connect which two cities?
 a. Delhi-Agra 

 b. Bengaluru-Chennai 
 c. Mumbai -Ahmedabad 
 d. Mumbai-Pune
Ans. Mumbai -Ahmedabad

Que: Ruksar Khatoon is the final documented case of which disease in India?
 a. polio  

 b. small pox 
 c. hepatitis A 
 d. measles
Ans. polio

Que: Which of these fabrics is named after a city in Iraq?
 a. mohair 

 b. tussar 
 c. muslin 
 d. angora
Ans. muslin

( Fastest Finger First Question )
Starting with the earliest arrange these leaders in order in which they became prime minister.
 a. Rajiv Gandhi 

 b. Narendra Modi 
 c. Manmohan Singh 
 d. Lal Bahadur Shastri

Que: Complete this Hindi saying, “Duwidha me dono gaye,___ mili na Rama”, which means that a confused person loses everything
 a. Hema 

 b. maya 
 c. jaya 
 d. sushma
Ans. maya

Que: On a football field which of these is nearest to the goal post?
 a. Corner arc 

 b. Penalty mark 
 c. Halfway line 
 d. Central circle
Ans. Penalty mark

Que: What number is halfway between 11 and 19?
 a. 13 

 b. 14 
 c. 15 
 d. 16
Ans. 15

Que: Which of these snake names is derived from a Portuguese word meaning snake with a hood?
 a. Python 

 b. Russell’s viper 
 c. krait 
 d. cobra
Ans. cobra

Friday, April 1, 2016

KBC 8 Episode 7 Questions and Answers

KBC 8 – Episode 7 – 27 August  2014

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: Starting from the beginning, arrange the following Hindu rituals in the order in which they occur.
a. Haldi lagana b. roka c. kanyadan d. varmala

Que: According to a Hindi proverb, how does a dudh ka jala drink his chanch?
a. nitar nitar kar 

 b. soongh soongh kar 
 c. phook phook kar 
 d. ithla ithla kar
Ans. phook phook kar

Que: Which is the only one of these creatures to not walk on four legs?
 a. Giraffe 

 b. ostrich 
 c. Rhinoceros 
 d. gorilla
Ans. ostrich

Que: Which of these is shorter than 1 inch?
 a. 2 centimeter 

 b. 3 centimeter 
 c. 4 centimeter 
 d. 5 centimeter
Ans. 2 centimeter

Que: In which film does this song feature?
 a. Revolver Rani 

 b. Rascals 
 c. Tanu weds Manu 
 d. Queen
Ans. Queen

Que: For what offence was footballer Luis Suarez banned for 9 international matches in 2014?
 a. Head butting 

 b. bitting 
 c. Failing the dope test 
 d. Slapping the referee
Ans. bitting

Que: In the Mahabharata, who among these was the uncle of Ghototkach?
 a. Barbarika 

 b. Jarashandha 
 c. Hidimb 
 d. Shikhandi
Ans. Hidimb

Que: Which of these MPs became the first BJP leader to present the rail budget in the Parliament?
 a. Sadanand Gowda 

 b. Ram Naik 
 c. Yaswant Sinha 
 d. Jaswant Singh
Ans. Sadanand Gowda

Que: Which monarch sat on the British throne during the First war of Indian Independence?
 a. George the third 

 b. Elizabeth l 
 c. Edward VII 
 d. Queen Victoria
Ans. Queen Victoria

Que: The world’s largest island Greenland is an autonomous region within the kingdom of which country?
 a. England 

 b. Denmark 
 c. Belgium 
 d. Netherlands
Ans. Denmark

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: Arrange these teams from the hockey India league from north to south.
 a. Punjab warriors b. Ranchi Rhinos c. Uttar Pradesh Wizards d. Mumbai magicians

Que: Which dance did yo yo Honey Singh sing about in a 2013 song?
 a. Pagdi 

 b. Saree 
 c. Lungi 
 d. Disco
Ans. Lungi

Que: On which of these Google apps are you most likely to see a satellite view of your city?
 a. Google hangouts 

 b. Google maps 
 c. Google drive 
 d. Picasa
Ans. Google maps

Que: (20000)Which of these fractions is of the greatest value?
 a. 1÷4 

 b. 1÷3 
 c. 1÷2 
 d. 1÷1
Ans. 1÷1

Que: Which sport will be played in the proposed Indian Super League?
 a. Football 

 b. Tennis 
 c. Badminton 
 d. Formula 1
Ans. Football

Que: Which corporate personality’s voice is this?
 a. Asim Premji 

 b. Nandan Nilekani 
 c. Ratan Tata 
 d. N R Narayana Murthy
Ans. N R Narayana Murthy

KBC 8 Episode 6 Questions and Answers

Que:The potato is believed to have been originated in which of these places?
 a. South America 

 b. Asia 
 c. Europe 
 d. Africa
Ans. South America

Que: The Gangs Action Plan was launched by which Prime Minister to make Ganga pollution free?
 a. P V Narsimha Rao 

 b. Rajiv Gandhi 
 c. V P Singh 
 d. Indira Gandhi
Ans. Rajiv Gandhi

Que: Which of these banks opened its first branch in the present day Pakistani city of Lahore in 1895?
 a. Punjab and Sindh bank 

 b. Syndicate bank 
 c. Punjab national bank 
 d. IndusInd bank
Ans. Punjab national bank

Que: What is the name of the revolver specially designed for women by Ordnance Factory Kanpur in 2014?
 a. Damini 

 b. Jyoti 
 c. Jagriti 
 d. Nirbheek
Ans. Nirbheek

Que: Who is the first woman cricketer to win the Arjuna Award?
 a. Diana Eduljee 

 b. Anjali Jain 
 c. Shanta Rangaswamy 
 d. Mithali Raj
Ans. Shanta Rangaswamy

(Fastest Finger First)
Que: Starting with the earliest, arrange these literary figures in chronological order
 a. Mirza Ghalib b. Kalidasa c. Rabindranath Tagore d. Salmaan Rushdie

Que: In which of the following events will the fastest person win?
 a. Marathon 

 b. Diving 
 c. Weightlifting 
 d. Shot Put
Ans. Marathon

Que: What is the main ingredient of Kulcha in Matar Kulcha or Chole Kulcha?
 a. Daal 

 b. Maida 
 c. Besan 
 d. Suji
Ans. Maida

Que: According to a song filmed on Farhan Akhtar,a Masto Ka Jhund,will do on a desolate night?
 a. Bhajan Sunayenge 

 b. Havan Karenge 
 c. Khel khelenge 
 d. Gubbare Phodenge
Ans. Havan Karenge

Que: Identify the voice from the audio clip
 a. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

 b. Asharam Bapu 
 c. Baba Ramdev 
 d. Shree Morari Bapuji
Ans. Baba Ramdev

Que: Banganapalli and Kesar are varieties of which of these fruits?
 a. Apple 

 b. Pear 
 c. Guava 
 d. Mango
Ans. Mango

Que: Who is the subject of Sanjaya Baru’s book, The Accidental Prime Minister?
 a. H D Deve Gowda 

 b. Inder Kumar Gujral 
 c. Manmohan Singh 
 d. Rajiv Gandhi
Ans. Manmohan Singh

Que: Which of these players won his first Grand Slam tournament in 2014?
 a. Stanislas Wawrinka 

 b. David Ferrer 
 c. Juan Martin Del Potro 
 d. Tomas Berdych
Ans. Stanislas Wawrinka