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KBC 7 Episode 4 Questions and Answers

Questions From episode 4  
13 September 2013 from Season 7

Que: Which is the largest banana producing country in the world?
        A. Brazil                                 B. India 
        C. Mexico                               D. China
Ans. B.India

Que: Who is the first woman amputee in the world to summit Mount Everest ?
        A. Tashi Malik                         B. Raha Moharrak 
        C. Samina Baig                       D. Arunima Sinha
Ans. D.Arunima Sinha

Que: The tomb of which Governor-General of India is located in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh?
        A. Sir John Shore                    B. Lord Curzon 
        C. Lord Cornwallis                   D. Lord Chelmsford
Ans. C. Lord Cornwallis

Que: Which of these is a piece of the game called as chess:
        A. Wazir                                 B. Nawab 
        C. Sarpanch                           D. Patbari
Ans: A. Wazir.

Que: In the Ramayana, who reminded kaikeyi about the two boons given to her by Dasharatha ?
      A. Sumitra                              B. Bharata 
      C. Dasharatha                         D. Manthara
Ans: D.Mantahra

Que: Which of these words means “water”?
     A. Rahul                                  B. Sanjay
    C. Varun                                  D. Rajiv.
Ans: C.Varun

Que: What Social Compaign was launched by Farhan Akhtar in 2013 against rape and discrimination of women?
      A. AADMI                               B. PURUSH 
      C. MARD                                D. MAANAV
Ans: C.MARD (Men against Rape and Discrimination)

Que: To which of these Sufi saints is this song dedicated. OH Laal Pat meri ab
        A. Bulle Shah                        B. Nizamuddin Aulia 
        C. Moinuddin chisti                D. Shahbaz Kalandar
Ans: D. Shahbaz Kalandar

Que: In Which of these regions would you find the town of Kishtwar ?
       A. Jammu                              B. Vidarbha 
       C. Saurashtra                         D. Bundelkhand
Ans: A.Jammu

Que: After whom is the Centigrade system of temperature measurement named?
        A. Anders Celsius                     B) Daniel Fahrenheit 
        C) Lord Kelvin                          D) Gabriele Centi
Ans. A. Anderes Celsius

Que: Which of these kinds of leave men cannot take?
        A) Sick leave                            B) Paternity leave 
        C) Casual leave                        D) Maternity leave.
Ans: D) Maternity leave

Que: Which of these festivals is celebratedin honor of an avatar of Lord Vishnu?
        A) Janmashtami                       B) Ganesha Chaturthi
        C) Vishwakarma                       D) Maha Shivratri.
Ans: A. Janmashtami.

Que: How many thousands rupee notes would your need to become a crorepati?
        A) 100                                    B) 1000 
        C) 10000                                D) 100000
Ans: D. 10000
Jackpot question

Que: Which of these spices that are given here cost most among them?
        A) Vanilla                               B) Cardamom
        C) Black Pepper                      D) Saffron 
Ans: D. Saffron

Que: Which actress changed her name from Nafisa before her debut movie in 2007?
        A) Jia Khan                            B) Dia Mirza 
        C) Ayesha Takia                      D) Asin
Ans: A. Jia Khan

Que: In 2013, Ireland passed a law allowing which of these , under certain circumstances?
      A) Same sex marriage              B) Namaz at public places 
      C) To carry kirpan                    D) Abortion
Ans: D. Abortion

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